A cross-platform multiplayer modernisation of the classic DOS game Scorched Earth, "The Mother Of All Games", with fully destructible 3D landcapes and stunning visual effects.
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Scorched3D incorporates lively, fully destructible 3D landscapes that include animated jets, naval vessels, water and even birds, with detailed tanks and projectiles and stunning visual effects.

A simple turn-based artillery game and also a real-time strategy game in which players can counter each others' weapons with other creative accessories, shields and tactics. Test your skill in timing, aiming and judgement of distance, move around on the landscape, or outsmart your opponent economically.

Learning how to play is easy, just point the turret, adjust power and trajectory, select a weapon - and shoot!

Manage your inventory of weapons with the prize money you win during each round of combat. Learn the basic controls using the tutorial mode, or set up your own game by customising dozens of economy and environmental conditions to your liking, or simply play online immediately at one of the various public servers.

You can play with up to twenty-four other players at a time, mixing computer players with humans on both randomly generated landscapes and user-designed maps. Scorched3D comes bundled with Apocalypse mod, which offers enhanced levels of weaponry.

Join an active online community of players making models, maps and mods for the game.

Scorched3D is totally free to play and is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

Scorched3D Reviews

Get it from CNET! 5 Stars The venerable artillery-style slug-match gets a 3D update with Scorched3D, a very addictive and nicely rendered turn-based game. 5 Stars. CNET
Ytanium 5 Stars Wonderful remake of the "mother of all games": ... Beautiful 3D graphics and decent sound (but no music) for this simple, but very funny, classical game. Can be played on the net. A must to have! YTanium
Scorched3D 5 stars 5 Stars! Share up .com
Happy Penguine This is a beautiful clone of Scorched Earth, the classic DOS artillery duel game. It's been 3Dified and has a great OpenGL polish around it.
Acid Play Scorched 3D is an impressive freeware game that is based on the DOS game Scorched Earth, meeting all the expectations of a classic remake....Overall Scorched3D is a highly recommended download, you wont regret it. AcidPlay
File Planet Take a concept as cool as Scorched Earth and run with it. What's the first thing you think of? If you're like most gamers, the answer is probably "modern graphics." That's the exact goal of Scorched 3D; it's an almost-exact replica of Scorched Earth only with stunning 3D visuals. FilePlanet
PC Magazine What makes Scorched 3D interesting are the little details. There are a variety of custom options to tinker with and after each round you can buy new missiles and defences with money pillaged from your enemies, adding a whole new level to the strategy. PC Magazine
Donate to Scorched3D Get it from CNET! 5 Stars