Guns and Societies ... What is happening to the world?

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 Post subject: Guns and Societies ... What is happening to the world?
PostPosted: Fri Oct 04, 2013 10:56 pm 
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I've been turned in to a 'Conspiracy Nut' for several years now. I don't generally hunt down specific articles myself, rather catch the info bundled together by those who can be bothered, then check out bits out specific interest or where I'm in utter disbelief and need further evidence.

Having watched This video by John McAfee founder of McAfee software (contains strong language) I ended up following a couple of related videos (I do hate to love those related/suggested videos) and ended up hitting some videos of a 'conspiracy guy' who I'd not caught before with some more up-to-date-since-I-Last-looked stuff and thought I'd share given the recent convo.

Please note that much of it is directed at/about America. I am not calling out just America on this, I believe this is AT LEAST happening in the UK as well as the true powers of the world are not restricted to traditional borders.

In all cases, please note the number of viewers, likes and dislikes. There is a growing awareness (I've been a supporter of the Zeitgeist movement for a number of years), this is not just some off the wall, what you see in films 'conspiracy theory nut job' thing.

A short video that highlights what the others are going to be about:

The Terrifying Future of The United States

If you're still interested:

The Road to World War 3

And the the much longer, Zeitgeist Movies:
Firstly, the most recent one. I prefer it because it's more positive than the previous, which, if you've watched the above videos, you'll be pretty down beaten by now:

Finally (for now at least), the original film that opened my eyes to what we're not supposed to see.
ZEITGEIST: The Movie (2007) (HD 720p)

Please, let me know your thoughts (and note how many/which of the videos you've watched), I'd love to hear from others what their takes are, because soo much of this is about perception (which I can tell ya, changes the longer you believe you've had your eyes open).
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