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PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2013 1:47 am 
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Moving on from the budget...which will work out eventually.
kind of like mating elephants...

"It's done on a very high level.
There's a lot of stomping and screaming involved.
And it takes two years to get any results."

BUT! Let's talk about BIG numbers.... :shock:

This is what engineers think that the nSA data center in Utah can hol.

"An exabyte is roughly 100,000 times the size of the printed material in the Library of Congress; a zettabyte is 1,000 times larger."

WHOA!....The library is damn big - from Wikipedia "The Library of Congress states that its collection fills about 838 miles (1,349 km) of bookshelves, The Library of Congress holds about 147 million items with 33 million books The information contained in all 33 million books equates to roughly 15 Terabytes of digital data.[20]"

Keep in mind this is the largest of four NSA data centers. Four halls each 25,000 sq feet of servers!?! holy sheet! That would be a scorch setup.
With another 900,000 sq ft of administration and tech. A million $$ a month of power and they're tripping circuit breakers and blowing up their wiring.

That doesn't count what's happening in PNut's world, NSA's partners in crime. How much data can these bastages vac up?



Can you imagine having to reboot 100,000 square feet of server racks? :-k
My mind is officially boggled. I'm going to bed. #-o
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