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Setup Recommendations

I recommend using a mouse with a scroll wheel button, this will make zooming easier, and helps with estimating distances.

Sometimes the scenery can get in the way when sniping. By turning off trees in the game options you can prevent obstructions to your line of sight (LOS). This will also turn off any buildings and will take a bit away from the 3D experience.

Once you get started, it is good to turn off "restricted" camera movement by pressing the right Alt key. This will allow you to see under terrain and under water, if it is turned on.

Next, press 'i' and turn on all the options, including "use old sight position". This will help in making low angle shots and shots from behind very steep terrain -be sure to select a tank model that is not too big and has a noticeable difference between the "old sight position" and the new one. Use this model every time you play. If you are already used to shooting with the standard "new" sight position, this can throw off your sniping at first, it shouldn’t affect your regular shots.

Old/New Sight Position

Using the "old sight position" simply displays the pink POV (aiming) indicator in a lower position, but this does NOT change the launching point of your shot. The launching point is the same for all tanks and will be slightly above the smaller tanks. ALWAYS Use a small tank (harder to hit). To see the true shot start point, go back to the new sight position.

when steep terrain is very close to the tank, the old sight can help prevent suicides with rollers (aka 'CBX') by helping to be sure that the launch trajectory clears the nearby terrain.


  1. using the cursor and the 'A' key, you can instantly aim in any direction. (a yellow bar appears on the terrain)
  2. the lower the shot angle, the less the wind will affect the shot.
  3. 45 degree angle will shoot farthest for a given power with no wind.
  4. If you miss in wind, measure the angle from you that is between the impact point and the target. Do this by pressing or holding ‘A’ and dragging with cursor between the target and the impact location. Then use the zero angle point recorded from the previous shot to adjust your aim by the angle you measured. (if you make a large angle change, you will need to account for the change of wind direction with respect to your new aim direction.)
  5. It is easiest to change the shot distance by adjusting power. The change in distance due to shot elevation depends on the previous elevation angle. A change of 1 degree will make the least change at medium elevation angles (55°-35°). 1 degree change will have the most effect on distance at higher angles. It is best not to change your initial elevation unless you need to correct for a hill or for the cave roof or are having difficulty in strong winds.


Making "impossible" shots with high wind blowing toward a target behind a steep hill.

Elevate to a very high angle (70°-85°) or even away from the target. This will allow the shot to fall at the steepest angle over the hill without going too far. If the angle of fall is not steeper than the hill, then you cannot hit the target.


  • sometimes rollers and napalm are the best way to get the target

Now, make a drastic angle correction (for very high angles the shot will be effected by wind direction much more than usual) The wind does the work. Shoot the shot high enough for the wind to push the projectile to the target.

AIMING LASERS - many people have a hard time aiming lasers due to terrain blocking view. To have perfect aim with lasers, use the console command "drawlandscape=off" to make the landscape invisible. Make sure to aim at the base of the tank (using the default or 'new' sight position) and presto. Remember that lasers increase damage less power and range.


Line-of-site (LOS / view #4), with low angle using the OLD SIGHT POSITION

There will be many opportunities to shoot line-of-sight targets, and a straight (sniper) shot is often more successful. You can defeat mag shields and beat your opponent to the kill.

Using the "OLD SIGHT POSTION" makes it a little easier to account for elevation drop of the missile when sniping because it aims a bit lower which helps account for the immediate drop of the projectile. Also, it does not obscure the target on close range shots.

Using the "Old sight", here’s how to aim when the target is near the same elevation as you.

close range targets: aim a little underneath. The shorter your tank is, the farther underneath you should aim. (For an extremely close range shot, you'll may need to reduce power.)

Medium range targets: aim approximately level, or directly at the target

Long range targets: aim a little above the target, the shot will arc slightly

Very long range targets: more difficult, elevation should be raised a bit


  • If the target is not level: Lower power for close shots, and raise elevation for long shots.
  • If you do not have a direct line of sight to the target because of a low hill, raise the angle enough to shoot over the hill and then reduce the power a little. By using the lowest angle possible you're power adjustment can be smaller.


These are a bit harder than low angle shots. The main thing to remember is that you'll need to increase power much more to get the same distance. If a strong wind is against you, make sure to lower the angle enough to push against the wind. If a strong wind is with you can reach the target with less power, the higher you shoot the longer the wind will accelerate the projectile.

Some veteran players have developed methods for very high accuracy shooting, especially with no winds. Some think this is cheating, and I do not recommend aiming aids because the regular way is how the game is really meant to be played. Discuss aiming aids here.


It is not uncommon to have a hard shot across the map that is much easier to hit by going through the wall. This can only be done whenever there are yellow buoys on the edge of the map designating wrap-around walls. It takes practice, especially with wind, but the basic idea is simple. The small YELLOW buoys on opposite sides of the map are the same ones, but they can be seen on both edges.

Zoom out very far, or all the way, and locate a set of buoys that are directly across from each other on opposite sides of the map. It is usually a good idea to look at two pairs of buoys to get a better idea of what spot on the wall to aim at. Make sure that the target is somewhere between the two buoys. Next, take aim at the target through the wall by imagining that it is on the other side on an identical map side to side with yours. That's all there is to it.


  • You can only shoot through "Wrap" walls (Yellow Buoys). Concrete walls (grey buoys) simply cause the projectile to explode, Bouncy walls (blue buoys) cause the shot to bounce off of the wall, and "No Walls" just let it keep going. The bouncy walls are useful for shooting around hills sometimes, especially in nasty winds.
  • The circular overview map at the upper right does not show the square boundary walls in version 40.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS : 5 Ways to Kill

Sometimes kills can be hard to come by. Here are a few tips on being an effective tank-killer, ranked from low risk to high risk.

Dig'n Roll" -- The single most reliable way to defeat an opponent.
Shoot a Digger close and drop your opponent in a hole. 2. Use a Baby Roller on the next shot to roll into the hole for the easy kill. (If the target has shields, use Napalm, Rollers, or Heavy Rollers to do more damage, or use more Diggers to weaken the shield from undrground)
(With a good shot, a dose of Hot Napalm can kill any tank on land)
"Funk-head" -- Save money for buying heavy weapons.
Because of its seeking ability, the single most effective weapon is the Funky Bomb. It is expensive but has the capablity to kill any target, even with a shield, in only one shot. Their weakness is that they seek less accurately in strong wind and are less effective against multiple targets. You will probably be killed online frequently with these.
Another option is the Death's Head which contains 20 warheads larger than a baby nuke. They can be tricky to shoot properly, but with skill you can kill 5 or more targets in one shot. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.
"Glooping" -- It isn't the "cleanest" way to kill, but it can get the job done.
Dirt is cheap. You can neutralize your opponent by covering him with dirt. You can then use method 1, or sandhogs to get the kill. BEWARE! overusing this stratagy can make you enemies quickly.
Diplomacy -- If you are trustworthy you can negotiate your way to victory.
This is a risky stratagy but rather than deal with an opponent, sometimes it is better to make temporary peace (or truce). Carefully consider how you will defeat this opponent later in the game. BEWARE! this stratagy sometimes makes you (or both of you) a nice target.
Ambush -- If you like to be the tricky type this method is for you.
All you need to do is buy enough fuel to move into close range and below your opponenet for a direct hit. This stratagy is risky, and shields are often the key to success. Be sure you have the right weapon for the job.

What are you waiting for? GO GET SOME TARGET PRACTICE!!

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