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Download Source Code

Scorched3D is released completely freely under the GPL license (including the sourcecode). That means should you wish you can download the sourcecode and build the program yourself, or just poke around and see how it works.

The sourcecode is hosted on and is available either as source packages or via a GIT repository.

Note: Scorched3D switched to GIT for version 44, all earlier versions were available in SVN or CVS. All of the SVN code was ported to GIT during the version 44 migration.

Source Packages (Recommended)

The source packages are stable and are created each time a new version of Scorched is released.

Source packages are available from sourceforge via this link. Download the file that represents the version of Scorched you wish to compile:

  • - The sourcecode for win32 platforms
  • Scorched3D-xxx-src.tar.gz - The sourcecode for Linux/Unix platforms


The GIT repository contains the latest development changes and may not be as stable as the source packages, it is only recommended for developers. For documentation on how to use GIT see here. For windows we recommend you use the SourceTree client (download here).

The sourcecode can be obtained via GIT using the following command:

 git clone git:// scorched3d-git 

For full details are on the Scorched3D sourceforge GIT repository page see here for details.

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