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Depending on your distribution, there are several ways to install Scorched3d in Linux. For common distros, just go to and download the appropriate file or follow the instructions posted there.


Generally, just a simple emerge scorched3d will install the current version.

As of this moment Scorched3d is masked, so you will need to add a line to your /etc/portage/package.unmask

Fire up your favourite editor and add the line:


Then the emerge scorched3d should work.


Right click on the red Beryl icon and make certain you have your default window manager as KDE to avoid bugs in Beryl if using a 64 bit set up.

Secondly, on your Desktop open the program "Kuroo" and enter your admin password. Under "Category" click games. Subcategory Strategy, package scorched3d. Then hit "Add to Queue". On the left hand side hit "Queue", under package select Scorched3d and hit Check Installation, followed by start installation. Kuroo installs the program automatically.

(Thanks, teabeeyea, for the info.)

Compile from source

  • Go to and get the source
  • Decompress with tar jxvf Scorched3d-xx.x-src.tar.gz (Filling in the appropriate version number)
  • Prepare the compile:
    • cd scorched/scripts
    • perl
    • cd ..
    • sh ./
  • Compile and install:
    • make
    • make install (Likely need to be root for this)

The compile will likely take around 20 minutes for a 1 GHz system, around 10-15 minutes for a 2 GHz system.

Enjoy. :)

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