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Welcome to Scorched3D, a three-dimensional remake of Scorched Earth. For those unfamiliar with artillery style games, the idea is to destroy all other tanks on the field without being destroyed yourself. This is accomplished through launching various warheads at your targets, taking into account gravity, wind, terrain, and your oppenents defences. You are tasked with aiming your tank by determining the Power (the momentum energy conferred on your shot, primarily determines distance), Elevation (how steep a slope your shot is launched at), and a new element required by the 3-D nature of Scorched3D, Angle (the adjustment left or right that your shot will initialy travel).

You should already be aware of how to control your tank, manipulate the camera, and read the GUI. This guide will try to explain some of the finer points of the game so can understand how and why certain things happen in the game.


Scorched3D games are made up of a certain number of rounds, which themselves are made up of a number of turns. Each turn is equal to one shot and is comprised of two parts, Aiming and Shooting. Aiming is the segment where you set your Power, Elevation, and Angle, choose your weapon, activate any accessories you want, and fire. This segment lasts roughly 40 seconds, depending on the server settings and how soon you (and any others) complete all your adustments. Shooting is just watching the result of your choices play out on the map, and takes until all effects are rendered.

Rounds are generally a maximun of 10 - 15 turns, depending on the server settings, and include a "Shopping" period at the beginning where you can buy weapons and accessories for use in the current round or sell weapons and accessories for extra money. Rounds will end when either one or no tanks are left alive, or the turn limit has been reached, regardless of how many tanks are alive. If turns are equal to shots, then rounds could be considered equal to lives, since dying in a round will prevent you from playing until the next round starts.

Games are a series of rounds in which kills and money accumulate, and end when the set number of rounds have occurred. Once the round limit has been reached, a winner is determined, and a new game begins with all totals reset to zero.


Many servers do not allow shopping on the first round of a game. The only weapon any player has available is the Baby Missile, which comes in unlimited supply. Beacuse of the small damage effect, you have to accurately hit your target to kill them.

Weapons are bought in bundles, with anywhere from one to twenty individual weapons per bundle. You need to be able to afford the entire bundle in order to get any weapons of that type. Weapons can be sold individually for about 80% of the individual value (bundle price divided by bundle size).

Bigger is not always better

Generally speaking, the more expensive a weapon is (bundle price divided by bundle size), the more powerful it is, and thus, the more damage it does, to both tanks and terrain. But, the more expensive a weapon is, the fewer of them you will be able to purchase. A common course of action new players take is to buy as many nukes as the can, generally about six. Sure, they want to be certain that they kill their target, but it is more likely that they will miss, particularly on their first shot, and then they've just wasted one warhead (of their six) and several $.

If you choose to pruchase only a few large scale weapons, do not be surprised to find yourself broke and out of ammo at the end of a round or two. At that point, you'll be forced to use the infinite Baby Missiles, which limits your scoring ability when others have more powerful weapons.

Multi-Stage/Multi-Part Weapons

Several weapons in the game split up into multiple warheads sometime during their deployment. This will happen either in midair or upon contact with the ground.

Seeker class weapons: Diggers, Sandhogs, and Funky Bombs

These weapons are multi-part weapons that split up on contact with the ground. These particular weapons also seek out tanks in their secondary form, and are thus more effective if you miss. Diggers and Sandhogs release mini-warheads into the ground where they seek tanks from underground and come up under them. Funky Bombs explode on contact with the ground and release several mini-bombs into the air that seek out tanks while in flight. None of these weapons guarantee a hit, they are only more likely to hit. And all of these weapons expend their secondary warheads immediately upon contact with bedrock (the bottom of the map).

Hole-y Weapons: Riot Bombs and Diggers

While most weapons create an explosion that damages both tanks and terrain, these weapons do no direct damage to tanks, they only destroy terrain. These weapons are useful if you need to put a crater somewhere convienient.

Gravity Weapons: Rollers and Napalm

These weapons are affected by gravity once they contact the ground. Rollers are multi-part weapons that release several rolling spheres when they touch the ground. Each of these spheres then rolls downhill, exploding when they make contact with a tank or when their fuse runs out (about 5 seconds). Napalm ignites when it hits the ground, and then "flows" downhill, buring everything in it's path. Napalm burns for a set period of time, and will not burn underwater.

Tracers: Smoke and Regular

Tracers have no effect on the environment other than to show you where your shot will land. Regular tracers only show you the impact point of your current aim settings. Smoke tracers show you the entire path of the weapon along its flight. While everyone will see the tracer the round it is fired, only you will see the marks in following turns. These are useful if you want to be sure a shot clears every obstacle on the way to a target.


All accessories need to be activated before they are used. Some can be activated with keyboard shortcuts, and all can be activated by both the menus and the GUI.

Like weapons, most servers do not allow you to purchase accessories before the first round. Accessories are bought in bundles, with anywhere from two to twenty individual accessories per bundle. You need to be able to afford the entire bundle in order to get any accessories of that type. Accessories can be sold individually for about 80% of the individual value (bundle price divided by bundle size).


The single most important item in the game. Parachutes negate any and all damage you would recieve from falling. Most weapons have two parts, direct damage from the blast, and a resulting crater. If the blast does not kill a tank, the resulting fall into the crater usually will. Falling damage is the leading cause of tank deaths. Help stop this by buying parachutes! Most newer players do not want to spend the $10,000 on parachutes, preferring to get big weapons, and are easy victims for the veteran players who use a single $150 Baby Digger to kill them, earning $6000 in the process. Don't give the vets an easy kill. Buy parachutes!


Probably the second most important item in the game, batteries are used to heal your tank, at 10 hit points per battery. In addition to strengthening your tank against further attack, batteries increase your available shot power, since your shot power is directly related to your tank's health. Shot Power = Tank health * 10

Reflective Shields: Mag, Heavy Mag, and Force

While all shields reduce the amount of damage taken from an explosion (shields DO NOT negate fall damage), the Mag, Heavy Mag, and Force shields will actually cause any shot that directly hits them to bounce off. This does use some of the shield's energy (10 - 20 points), but generally prevents a close hit that could do far more damage. Mag and Heavy Mag shields only protect the top of a tank, like umbrellas with the Heavy Mag being a larger umbrella, while the Force shield completely surrounds the tank.


Fuel is used to move your tank around the map. You can only shoot OR move your tank in a given turn. Fuel is used form the GUI or the menu, and shows you an area in which you can move with your current supply of fuel. The light area is where you can move, the shaded area is beyond your mobility limit, either out of range or too steep a slope. Double click in the lighted area to set your move order.


Wind will affect your shot as long as your shot is in the air. Wind can blow in any direction at one of six velocities ranging from zero (no wind) to five (very strong wind). Depending on the direction you're shooting, wind may increase or decrease the distance of your shot and almost certainly blow your shot left or right of your intended direction. Plan your shots accordingly. Wind will also affect rollers while they are on the ground (or underwater). Fire some rollers at a flat piece of ground in any wind, and they will roll off in the direction of the wind. You should also note that there is no air friction in Scorched3D, so any weapon fired at a particular aim setting will travel the same path as any other weapon fired at that same setting, whether it is a tracer, nuke, or Death Head.


There are three types of walls around the map in Scorched3D. Each type of wall has a different effect on any shot that impacts with it. Each wall has a different colored bouy associated with it for easy identification.

Concrete This type of wall stops all weapons that hit it. Any weapon that hits it immediately detonates. This wall has grey bouys.


This type of wall will cause any shot to bounce off it like a mirror. A shot then continues in its new direction until it impacts the ground. This wall has blue bouys.

Warp or Pass-Through

This type of wall teleports shots to the opposite side wall of the map with no changes to its angle or power. Handy in high wind rounds when you cannot reach other tanks by a direct line. AUTO AIM DOES NOT WORK THROUGH THESE WALLS. Your tank will line up in a direct line to the spot you designate, NOT line up through the wall, even if it is closer that way. This wall has yellow bouys.


There are three ways of earning money, wounding a tank, killing a tank, and interest. Wounding a tank gives you money based on how much damage you do in hit points. Killing a tank gives you money for damage in hit points plus a "kill bonus". Killing a tank with one source of damage is worth more than killing it with several sources (i.e. direct explosion OR a fall is worth more than explosion AND a fall). Tanks in perfect health are worth more than damaged ones, and you do get money for the hit points added when a player uses batteries. The weapon used is factored into the money awarded so that more powerful weapons give less money. No money is awarded for damage to shields.


Like at a bank, you will earn interest on any money you have "stored". Interest is computed and added at the end of every round, at the percentage set on the server. Any money not spent during the shopping period of a round, plus all money earned during the course of the round is tallied for interest at the end of that round. This total is then available during the shopping period of the next round. Interest is not earned on any weapons or acessories you currently possess.

Buying Strategy

As a general rule, always keep at least $20,000 in the bank until the end. That cash gives you $6,000 in interest (30%) each round. There are only 12 shots per round so always sell back what you dont need. Some weapons come in large bundles, usually 4 or 5 of any weapon is enough for a single round. Even though you lose a little by selling (-20%) you make it back with the interest you make.

You cannot buy weapons in round 1. The players who get some extra money from kills in round 1 will have an advantage in money because interest is high (30%). One kill with a baby missile is worth $5,000 full damage plus up to $2,500 for the kill bonus.

An extra $5,000 in the first round will grow to over $20,000 after five rounds and to more than $50,000 by round 9 if you dont spend it. Even without earning extra money, the $30,000 in starting money grows to more than $50,000 after only two rounds.

Always remember to check the map before you buy, if you think you'll probably die after one or two shots you should save your money!!


Tank Deaths

When a tank is destroyed, a random event is initiated. Usually, a weapon is detonated at the location of the destroyed tank, but other events can take place, like a shimmery-blue beam-out effect. If a weapon is the effect randomly chosen by the sever (players have no input on the way their tank dies), the weapon will come from a short list that includes Nuke, Baby Nuke, Heavy Riot Bomb, Ton of Dirt, and Funky Bomb. This is the only way you can witness a Funky Bomb in the first round of a game when there is no shopping period. It is NOT someone cheating.

Generally, tanks are spread out enough on a map that the only dangerous effect is the Funky Bomb. As the secondaries of a Funky Bomb seek out nearby tanks, you might find yourself the target of your own kill. If you are killed by a Funky Bomb initiated by a tank you killed, you will be charged with a suicide. If you are lucky, though, the Funky Bomblets will seek out and kill other nearby tanks, and you will be credited with those kills and corresponding money awards.

Self Kills: Suicides

If you kill yourself, whether on purpose, by accident, or through means beyond your control (i.e. your target died and dropped a Funky Bomb, which killed you in turn), you will lose one kill from your total, even into the negatives. You will also lose an amount of money equal to the amount awarded for killing a tank with a health level identical to yours. Money will not go into the negatives, but $0 is not good. A suicide will be tallied on your overall stats, as well.

Team Kills

In a team game, there is a risk of killing teammates. Should the unfortunate happen and you kill a teammate, by whatever means, you will be charged with a Team Kill on your stats. Like with a suicide, you will have one kill docked from your total and lose a sum of money equal to killing a tank with identical health. Unlike a suicide, there is a chance you'll still be alive to atone for your error.

Ways to Survive

The winner of the game is the one who has the highest score, and it is hard to score when you're dead. Surviving the round is worth some nice points and will go a long way to help you win.

Shields will help you survive, but don't use them too early or you could have money trouble later. Sometimes using a shield right before the end of the shot clock can really screw up your enemy's shot. It is important to be able to anticipate what is being shot at you when you do this.

After round 2 it is a good idea to keep 5 to 10 batteries and 2 or 3 parachutes at the beginning of each round. However, defense is not the only way to win. If you earn enough money you can use heavy weapons to kill your opponents quickly.

A few kills early in the game will go a long way in earning you money that will help you survive later. Using bigger weapons earns less money for kills and damage so smart shooting is important - dont waste your heavy weapons.

Buying extra fuel will allow you to escape, and make your opponent miss. This can deplete his weapons and give you an advantage.

Credit : Ebonite, Boy

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