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To make a custom avatar, simply make your image 32x32 pixels, and save it as a PNG to your data/avatars directory (For version 40.x and older, it is a GIF). (In Linux it is generally /usr/local/games/scorched3d or /usr/share/games/scorched3d, in Windows it is generally in C:\Program Files\Scorched3d\)

When you run Scorched3d, at the tank selection screen, simply click on the avatar to bring up a list to pick from.


  • Animations are not currently supported (as of v39.1)
  • There is a maximum of 16 images allowed - if there is more than that some will not show up in the game
  • You can only pick the avatar when you first join the game

Step By Step Instructions (credit Spyrer)

Creating an image

  1. First go to, this is one of the great freeware image viewer and converter programs, if not the greatest. Download it and install.
  2. Then make a folder on your desktop labeled “1”
  3. Then make a folder on your desktop labeled “2”
  4. Find the images, photos, cartoons etc you want, say you find a website image you want right mouse click on it and “save image “to folder 1. Or for text just use the paint program of your choice and save the image
  5. Once you are done open up Irfanview
  6. Under File hit the “Open” key, direct it to the file labeled “1” all the way to the right of the menu bar move the mouse till it is hovering over an icon and “view menu” pops up, then scroll down to “Thumbnails” This will let you preview the file you are working with.
  7. Then go to the “Image” menu and down to the “resize” option
  8. Unclick the option “Preserve Aspect ration”
  9. On set new size change height and width to 32 and 32
  10. Go to file menu and “save as” name it what you want and save it in GIF format, in file labeled “2”

Installing the image

  1. Right mouse click on the “Scorched Earth Icon” on your desktop, click on the “properties” and the “find target”
  2. Click on “data”
  3. Click on “Avatars”
  4. This will open up the Avatar image file, delete any you don’t want and copy the avatars from folder “2” into it.
  5. Close everything and run Scorched
  6. Play a game vs. the computer to preview your masterpieces
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