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Wind View


The wind dialog gives the current information about the wind speed and direction. Every shot made is affected by the current wind conditions. The shot power and angle may need to be adjusted to take the wind into account.

  • (5) The wind direction is shown as an arrow.
  • (6) The wind strength is shown as words.
  • (7) The island.


  • The wind view moves with the current camera position so that the wind direction arrow is always relative to the current camera view, not the plan view.

Plan View


The plan view dialog shows the island from a top down view (looking directly down from the top) (5). All of the player positions are shown as coloured dots. Each dot is colored the same color of the player it represents. The dots representing player(s) still making their move will flash on and off. The current player is shown by a ring around their dot (6). Tool tips describing each player are available by moving the mouse over each dot.

The current camera position is shown on the plan view as a wedge (7). The camera can be positioned to look at any point on the landscape by clicking on the plan view. The camera will be moved to look at the clicked point.

Right dragging with the mouse on the plan view draws lines on the view. All other players can see these lines, this allows stratagies to be swapped with other players when playing online.

Weapon Dialog


The weapon dialog shows aiming information for the current player, and information about the currently selected weapon.

  • (5) The power that will be used by the next shot (0->1000).
  • (6) The vertical elevation that will be used by the next shot (0->90 degrees).
  • (7) The horizontal rotation that will be used by the next shot (0->360 degrees).
  • (8) The currently selected weapon that will be used by the next shot. The number in brackets is the number of shots left with this weapon (in = infitine).
  • (9) A picture of the currenly selected weapon.


  • A new weapon can be slected by clicking on the current weapon name and choosing another from the popup menu.
  • Previously used aiming angles can be recalled by clicking on the power, evelvation or rotation.
  • See Aiming Basics for a more detailed view on aiming.

Player Dialog


The player dialog shows information about the current player, and information about the any active defenses.

  • (1) The tank model used by this player.
  • (2) The name of the current player.
  • (3) The life left for this player. Once this reaches zero the tank is dead.
  • (4) The power of the currently selected shield for this player, or off if no sheild is selected. To enable or disable a shield click on the sheild icon and then select a new shield from the popup menu.
  • (5) The number of parachutes left for this player, of off if parachuates are not enabled. To enable or disable parachutes click on the parachute icon and then select on or off from the popup menu.
  • (6) The number of batteries that this player has left. To use one or more batteries click on the battery icon and choose the number of batteries you wish to use from the popup menu.
  • (7) The availability of the auto defense. The auto defense must be bought before it can be used. The auto defense allows the tank to raise shields and activate parachutes before the round starts (only useful for sequential game modes) it does not automatically raise shields before the tank is hit.
  • (8) The amount of fuel this player has left. Fuel can be bought and allows the player to move the tank. To use fuel (move the tank) click on the fuel icon and select move. The landscape will go dark with a lighter area around your tank. This lighter area is the area to where the tank can move. To move the tank left click within the light area. The tank cannot move up very steep hills so you may not be able to move out of or across craters.


  • The amount of life a tank has limits how far they can shoot (the maximum power available to the tank).
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