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Enabling Server Messages

Scorched3D has the ability to send messages to the client every few seconds. This allows you to keep users up to date with any information you may wish to communicate with them. For example: the location of the stats pages or the server rules.

To enable the messages you need to create a file that specifies the actual messages. The messages need to be in a file named messages-27270.xml (change the number to match the port that you are running the server on).

This file should be created in the normal Scorched3D configuration area:-

 windows : c:\documents and settings\<username>\.scorched3d 
 unix : ~/.scorched3d 

Example file:

               <text>Welcome to Scorched3D</text>
               <text>Stats are available at</text>
               <text>Visit for news and forums</text>
               <text>Batteries can be used to heal yourself.</text>
               <text>Shields protect you from weapon damage.</text>

Each message section had a repeattime which specifies how often a message should be sent to the client, and a list of text messages which is the actual message that will be sent. You can have as many message sections as you want (one or more), and as many text messages per section as you want (one or more).

Note: Only one text message is sent each repeattime.

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