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Scorched3D can be downloaded from a variety of mirror sites, to download from this site select the download icon at the top of this page. Using this link ensures you are installing the latest version of Scorched3D.

Select your OS type, download the file(s), possibly unzip &/or compile the file(s), & lastly install the game.

Starting a single player game

When you start up the game, you have a few buttons on the left to choose from :

  • Start a single ... game
  • Join a game over the Internet

If you haven't played the game at all, play around in the single-player mode for just a few minutes to at least learn the controls.

Playing an internet game

When you're ready to play online, choose Join a game over the internet... from the main game menu. When the online game dialog box appears, press 'Refresh Internet Games' button in lower-right. This will show all the active servers online. The circles to the left of the server names show whether you can play or not :

  • Red -- cannot join this server
  • Yellow -- server active but game not yet started
  • Green -- server active & game in progress

The official server is the Scorched3D (Player Stats, No Bots) server. If you join that one & announce that you are a new player, many of the guys there will offer advice & help you out. Press t to talk inside the game to chat or ask for help or whatever. You'll likely get killed a lot, but you can start learning how to play.

Most of the servers, including the official Scorched3D (Player Stats, No Bots) server do NOT require passwords. Try logging onto the official server. If you can't login to the official server post here.

You don't have to close other programs (or the website) to start the game. However, some systems do NOT run Scorched3D well if other programs are running. If you have a slower or older system, do NOT run other programs while playing Scorched3D.

Credit : hobbesme

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